About Us

EDEN was born out of a dream to create greatness in our city. The very nature of our name is defined as: “A delightful place; a paradise. A state of innocence, bliss, or ultimate happiness.”

Our grand dream is to offer people a place to experience community & belonging - a peaceful escape within the walls of their own city. What that looks like varies for many wonderful businesses in our city. In every season of life, EDEN’s heart is to provide beautiful treats for dinners, parties, events + weddings. We are your local bakery that does everything with excellence, confidence, & elegance. The little things matter to us; the “extra mile” if you will.

We specialize in excellent quality traditional french croissants, delicious gluten free pastries, and focus on the beautiful seasonal ingredients in our rotating menu.

EDEN’s joy in life is to simply be a part of this incredible community add to the precious memories & moments created here. She believes in Redding, with hopes of this city growing & thriving in every way.

IG: @edenbakeryredding